Thursday, September 29, 2011

pop tab baskets

I have been busy making more baskets and rephotographing them so they look more attractive. I have glad i took the time to do that. I like the photographs of them much more. I used cloth flower petals as props. The green one is going to be my xmas version, just because it is green ;)

I have so many ideas on what i want to make with pop tabs lately, that i started a idea journal. I basically have written done what it is, how it looks and what i a am going to need to make it. I can use it later on to work the ideas out.


  1. Love to hear that you've got productive week. The photos are amazing. I'm going to visit your shop now!


  2. Wow - love these! I love it when people give new purpose to things that have lost their original purpose:)

  3. Ziet er gaaf uit...leuk met die kleurtjes erin verwerkt... geeft t net iets extra's